I've got friends in the industry

Check it out, I updated some links the other day but thought I might draw some attention to them.

other patient chefs

A Year of CrockPotting - This women is a hero in the slow cooked community. She created and modified recipes for her gluten free family for a year, and I think she's gotten a book deal out of it.

A Crock Cook - A pretty simple sight that heralds "real crock pot recipes for real people."

Canadian Living - Has released special issues on slow cooking and lots of recipes for the Canadian kitchen.

Slow Cooker Recipes - A no frills approach to slow cooking (and there aren't a lot to start!) but a huge database of recipes.

What a Crock - Lots of meal plans in this one, something useful certainly!

Crock Pot Alchemist - Finally another dude interested in slow cooks. Appropriately, he works well with meat.

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